In March 2007 at the V South Island Champs, we rolled out our competition air-bagged hopper for a play, wowing the southern crowds with amazing heights as the ‘Navara’ danced about the car park at full noise.

Later in the year at the West Coast Hoppers H.Q. we busted out the ‘Navara’ in an attempt to break the world record for an air-bagged vehicle. With a camera rolling and the crew all around we did it! At full blast, with a P.S.I. reading well in excess of 600, we sent the reinforced ex work-hack skyward with the front wheels reaching 10 feet and the rears at about 6 feet. As you would imagine the crew were completely ecstatic! But it didn't stop there…we went on to also be the first air-bagged vehicle to do an unassisted roll onto its roof and all captured on camera!


If you’d like to witness this truck doing what it does best we will be trying to break our record at the 4 & Rotary Nationals 2008 as part of a special feature of the Minitruck Champs!

For a small taste in the meantime, click here to check out the one and only West Coast Hopper.


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